UX / UI Case Study : Redesign of a famous event micro-site

Clément Baron
4 min readSep 30, 2020

With my teammate

, we choose to create the website’s design for the 2021 edition of Le Mondial du Tatouage. This project aimed to work on a responsive website and to design mobile first.

Le Mondial du Tatouage is a tattoo convention that happens every year in Paris since 2013. The event was initially founded in 1999 but was abandoned until Tin-Tin, the most famous French tattoo artist, relaunched it. Since then, it is one of the biggest — if not the biggest — tattoo convention in Europe with 400 guests and more than 35’000 visitors in 2018. Apart from being tattooed, you can also attempt to music concerts and visit exhibitions.

Information Architecture

During the process of redesigning this site, our first step was to establish a site map inspired by the previous editions of the event. To do so, we did a card sorting with our fellow designers to come up with a site map.
Unfortunately, since the Mondial du Tatouage is a big and famous event we realized soon in the process that the site architecture was already well established and logical.
But what was missing was the possibility to sort out artists by style. So we decided to add this functionality. We also choose to gather some pages that were related to each other, under bigger categories. For instance, we gathered: Contest, Concert, and Exhibition to create the “Event” category. We also grouped the FAQ, the Practical Information, Contact, and Press under “Infos”. Doing so helped us clarify the burger menu of the mobile version.

Wire flow

Here is the wire flow of our path for the mobile version.
Let’s imagine that the visitor wants to book an appointment with a tattoo artist.
First, they click on the burger menu, secondly clicks on “Artistes”, then the list of every artist appears. The visitor wants to sort them by styles, they select “Old School” and finally clicks on the artist he wants to meet to book an appointment.


Above, you can see our mood board we took inspiration from to design the 2021 edition.
We wanted it to match with the tattoo universe. To do that, we define the following word as brand attributes: Alternative, Stylish, Extreme, Traditional and Progressive.

Style Tile

Regarding the style tile, we decided to use Catamaran as the main font family because it was an easily readable typeface and that it was in continuity with what was already done for the previous years. As an accent typeface, we choose the Righteous font-family because it was matching our realm and convey the idea of an alternative and extreme urban lifestyle.

For the colors, we extrapolate them for the moldboard we did and adapted it to the logo. We choose to go for two complementary colors as the opposition for progressive and traditional and we kept the original logo to be more consistent.

Finally, we selected a background that reminds the fine line tattoo style and the poetic atmosphere aroused by flowery patterns that are currently trendy.


As the website has to be responsive, we designed both version : mobile and desktop. Here is a video of our mobile version prototype and below a sample of the desktop version.

Desirability test

Thank to a desirability test we conducted among 42 testers we notice that fortunately the design we created is not far from the tone we wanted it to have. It mainly evoked Excitement (daring / independent) but also Sincerity (original) and Ruggedness (masculine).